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FarFish workshop meeting in Marrakesh

A FarFish meeting was held in Marrakesh last week, and it took place over three days, from the 19th to the 21st of November. A total of 25 partner representatives were at the meeting, FarFish Managers, WP leaders and Case study leaders, and the team made very good progress during this week. Special focus during […]

FarFish partners in Nouadibou, Mauritania

A meeting with FarFish partners was held in early October in Nouadibou, Mauritania. The meeting was attended by FarFish Case Study representatives from IMROP, the FarFish project coordinator, work package leader on capacity development and dissemination, and the director of the United Nations University Fisheries Training Programme. The primary purpose of the meeting was to […]

FarFish partners meeting in Senegal

A meeting was held this week with FarFish partners in Dakar, Senegal. The meeting was attended by Case Study representatives from ISRA/CRODT and COREWAM, a representative from the Ministry for Fisheries in Senegal, and representatives from two local fisheries organisations. The FarFish project coordinator, work package leader on capacity development and dissemination, and the director […]

CETMAR and LDAC organize a workshop on the sustainability of high sea fisheries within the framework of the European FarFish project

Fisheries sustainability within the high seas is part of the United Nations development goals. Considering that high seas does extend in two thirds parts of the oceans, the progress to facilitate an efficient fishery management is a priority for the international community. “Bringing fisheries sustainability into the High Seas: The case of the Atlantic South […]

EU and Mauritania extend sustainable fisheries partnership

The EU and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania have agreed to extend for up to one year the protocol governing the sustainable fisheries partnership agreement which was due to expire in November 2019, as stated on worldfishing.net yesterday. The two parties also agreed on an exceptional procedure to tackle potential border blockages during the export […]

Marine Management and Innovation – Open for enrolment

FarFish is launching a course called “Marine Management and Innovation” next year running from March 9th – 13th aimed especially at fish business operators and EU fleet representatives who want to learn more on two main topics: Laws and regulations and Value Chains. The course will take place in Tromsø, Norway, with sessions streamed in parallel in Vigo (Spain), Reykjavik (Iceland) and TBA (Sri Lanka). The […]

FarFish visit to Casa África

FarFish held its second annual meeting last June in Las Palmas, where all 21 project partners were represented. This meeting represented the half-way point of the project and was as such the perfect venue for reviewing progress and planning for the „second half“. A number of stakeholders from the project’s Reference Group, as well as […]

FarFish at the Workshop on Science and Industry Initiatives

From the 24-26, June, the FarFish project, represented by Sonia Doblado from the Long Distance Advisory Council (LDAC), attended the Workshop on Science and Industry Initiatives (WKSCINDI), organised by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) at their headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The meeting was attended by 50 participants from several countries […]

The second annual FarFish meeting held in Las Palmas

Last week the second annual FarFish meeting took place in Las Palmas, June 10th – 13th. The project coordinator, Jónas R. Viðarsson from Matís, Iceland, led the meeting. The meeting was a perfect opportunity for partners and stakeholders to meet and review the project objectives and the work plan. This four year project is now […]

New FarFish course launched

A new programme in Marine Management and Innovation has now been launched and is available here. The programme was developed and provided by the FarFish project. This  course is aimed especially at fish business operators and EU fleet representatives who want to learn more on two main topics: Laws and regulations and Value Chains. The course will be run in March 2020 in Tromsø (Norway), […]