The FarFish word is spreading

This past week the FarFish project has been presented at two exciting platforms. One of FarFish’s key researcher, Duarte Vidal from Centro Tecnológico del Mar-Fundación (CETMAR), presented the project at an ANACEF OPP 43 conference in Spain on Management and sustainability of West African fisheries. The following day, the FarFish project was presented at the online European Research Night, where they wanted to highlight the Spanish contribution to FarFish lead by  Dr. Margarita Rincón from IEO and Dr. gabriel Navarro from CSIC.

Duarte Vidal from CETMAR presented the FarFish project at a conference held by ANACEF OPP 43, the National Association of Cephalopod Fishing Freezer Vessel Owners based in Las Palmas (Spain).

The theme of the conference was Management and Sustainability of West African Fisheries. The event brought together senior fisheries officials from Spain, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Mauritania, Gambia, Cape Verde and Morocco, as well as the Deputy head of the EU Agreements Unit, Mr. Emmanuel Berck and Mr. Antonio Lizcano, Deputy Director General of Regional Fisheries Agreements and Organizations (Sustainable Fisheries Directorate-Spain). At this conference, participants shared their vision towards the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements and discussed their importance for both the EU and West African countries, as well as their contribution towards the fisheries management in the region.

The European Research night was held online on the 27th of November in 29 European countries, where people got the opportunity to get to know the people behind EU research and experience the diversity of science and its impact on citizens’ daily lives, stimulating interest in research careers. The Andalucian contribution to this European event includes eight Andalusian cities organizing over 650 activities to bring science and research people closer to the general public, demonstrate in a practical and playful way the relationship between research and daily life, and disseminate scientific studies among young people. The FarFish contribution to this event is available at:

where the main objectives of the project were enumerated together with a translated to Spanish version of FarFish official video, and also the biographies of Margarita and Gabriel, the FarFish Andalucian researchers.