FarFish spreading knowledge on marine management and innovation

From 9-13th March, UiT held the FarFish certificate course in Marine Management and Innovation at Campus Tromsø. 29 participants from 14 countries took part, and among the participants were students and researchers from UiT, as well as invited stakeholders and online participants.

Throughout the week, participants were educated on topics such as international ocean governance, traceability, value and supply chains, and economics – discussions were engaging and fruitful! Social activities were also on the daily agenda, where the most memorable activity was the beautiful boat trip around the Tromsø area on a small, old fishing vessel in sunshiny weather.

The course was unfortunately cut short mid-way through due to the enforcement of the COVID-19-restrictions, thus all teaching occurred online the last 1.5 days. Moreover, some participants became worried about not being able to travel home but luckily, we were able to rebook the tickets of those who wanted to travel back to their families earlier than planned. In the end, every travelling participant got home safely, including those who did not rebook.

The course evaluation revealed that the majority of the participants were very satisfied with the overall content and quality of the course despite the sudden change of circumstances. All in all, we at UiT feel the course was a great success and would like to thank all partners who contributed on its development and execution – especially those who provided lecturers and sat up external ‘classrooms’.

Lectures were recorded and uploaded to UiT’s online storage Mediasite where they will be available for five years.

29 Participants

13 students / Reseachers

9 invited participants

7 formal online participants

20 average streaming views

8 participants took the exam, all passed