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Report published on institutional-, social- and economic challenges in selected EU long distant fleet case studies and suggestions for improvements

The FarFish project has published a report where governance structures, as well as social and economic issues, connected with EU long-distant fisheries in selected case studies are analysed. The study focuses on identifying institutional challenges in the relevant fisheries, SWOT analysis of processing and markets for the products, and suggestions for improvements. The EU is […]

La conferencia online “Gestión de Pesquerías Sostenibles en el Atlántico SO: una aproximación científica” fue todo un éxito

El pasado día 4 de marzo, tuvo lugar la Conferencia Internacional “Gestión de Pesquerías Sostenibles en el Atlántico SO: una aproximación científica”, dentro del marco del proyecto FarFish. Con 141 asistentes, la conferencia online fue todo un éxito no sólo gracias al interés generado, sino a las magníficas discusiones de las que fuimos testigos en […]

Increased interest and fruitful discussions at the International Conference “Sustainable Fisheries in SW Atlantic: a scientific approach”

On 4th of March, 2021, the International Conference titled “Sustainable Fisheries in SW Atlantic: a scientific approach” took place within the framework of the FarFish project. With 141 attendees, the online conference was a success not only because of the interest that it raised, but because of the fruitful discussions that we were able to […]

E-learning tools for training and capacity building in stock assessment and fisheries management developed within the FarFish project

Among the key objectives of the H2020 project FarFish is to build capacities in stock assessment and fisheries management. Among the training and capacity building tools developed in the project are e-learning courses that are made available on Tutor-web. The focus of these courses is on Methods and techniques for data-limited fisheries. A report has […]

Report on stock assessment in selected fisheries outside EU waters which are important for the EU long distant fleet

One of the key objectives of the FarFish project is: “To advance knowledge and collate data related to biological characteristics of the main fish stocks in selected fisheries outside EU waters that are important for the EU fleet, and to evaluate the relevance and applicability of appropriate stock assessment methods for these fisheries.” In this […]

Description of EU long distant fleet value chains

The FarFish project is designed around six case study areas in which the European fleet is actively engaged in fishing activities. These are Cape Verde, Mauritania, Senegal, Seychelles, and the international high-seas areas in the southeast and southwest Atlantic. In the context of geographic, economic and cultural diversity, the project focuses on gaining insights into […]

Analysis of the conflict over the use of marine space in Madagascar

FarFish essay series FarFish developed and ran a one-week University-level certificate course in Marine Management and Innovation in the spring of 2020. Over thirty participants attended the course and eight students completed the certificate programme by submitting a thesis on FarFish relevant issues. We have been publishing summaries of these essays here at the FarFish […]