Tutor Web: Education in a suitcase

This course will take place in 2021

Among the key objectives of the H2020 project FarFish is to build capacities in stock assessment and fisheries management.

Among the training and capacity building tools developed in the project are e-learning courses that are made available on Tutor-web. The focus of these courses is on Methods and techniques for data-limited fisheries. A report has now been published that provides a summary of the educational materials that have been developed as part of FarFish for tutor-web, the report is available here.

The materials include updates of previously existing tutor-web courses that have been tailored for FarFish, as well as new teaching materials directed at FarFish target audience. The material is made available in the tutor-web as a single course, under the heading “Methods and techniques for data-limited fisheries.” It consists of multiple tutorials, providing material and drills at various stages of development, on topics from prerequisite mathematics, statistics and programming, through introductory fish population dynamics to methods for data-limited fisheries. The choice of material is in large part based on discussions, meetings and interviews with potential users.

A course using the Education in a Suitcase model and the Tutor Web platform will be held in cooperation with the Seychelles Fishing Authority. Date: TBD